Oh What Fun!

Not much can keep Hailey still.

This is serious.

This is snow! Inside! Tracked in from Dad's shoe.

That means good times for this little girl.


Daddy Time

If you know Steve, you know he doesn't stop working on stuff. That means if he is going to spend time with Hailey, she better get to work, too! One Saturday, they bundled up and plowed the driveway.

Ahhh...life in Michigan.

Of course, there is always time for sitting by the couch and browsing espn and Elmo.


Photoshoot with Momma

This is what happens when we try to take a picture with Hailey. She talks, she squirms, she refuses to smile.

She's already too cool for her Momma.

Sometimes you just get a blurry picture, but I am thankful for my squirmy toddler and a blurry picture.

Photoshoot With Momma



Grandma and Grandpa Time

My mom and dad came up to watch Hailey for a day. They got to spend some quality time with their first grandbaby. Here they are chilling out and watching sesame street on the ipad.


First Painted Toenails!

I painted Hailey's toenails for the first time. She is always taking her socks off so even though it's winter, she'll still be able to show them off. they are sparkly purple, but they mostly just looked black. I repainted them light blue this weekend. Surprisingly, she sits pretty still!